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Funds Raising

Unfortunately no charitable organisation can exist for or provide the benefits to the people who matter most without funding. Our objectives and aims have been carefully considered so that they target the areas most in need of support and assistance which are currently ill provided for by any other means.

At the same time, we are very conscious of how important raising awareness is, both in terms of the plight of those already suffering from wrongful accusations/convictions and for the prevention of future cases. The more people who are aware and have access to the information provided, the better prepared they can be should they themselves suffer a wrongful accusation and in turn with the right support be more able to prevent that turning into another miscarriage of justice.

For that reason, where possible, our fund raising activities are deliberately themed to highlight alleged miscarriage of justice cases, the causes of them and other support organisations that can help in some way. Details of the objectives the funds will be put towards can be found in our charitable constitution.

The now annual ‘Locks Off’ event will take place on the 30th July (or the nearest Saturday) each year whereby anyone taking part agrees to have their hair cut off in a sponsored ‘locks off’. Of course, you don’t have to have your hair cut to support it, you could also sponsor someone else who is, or collect sponsorship on behalf of all who are. It’s not only the event name that is related, there are cases where a person’s appearance has been used to allow prejudice to play a part in their wrongful convictions – See here for more details LOCKS OFF.

The Walk Free campaign which will take place in September – November 2011 is one where Billy Middleton will be walking the length of the UK highlighting as many alleged miscarriages of justice along a route meeting with the families and where possible the wrongly convicted person themselves. This is obviously a mammoth task and means zigzagging across the country rather than taking the most direct route. For more details including how to have a case, cause or support group included see here – Walk Free 2011.

For anyone else wishing to actively take part in raising funds, there is the sponsored ‘Doing Time’ which virtually anyone can do. This particular activity has multiple benefits in that in taking part you would also be helping those around you at the same time. Quite simply, all you need to do is request a sponsorship pack as described on the page and donate a little of your time doing something for someone else just as the wrongly convicted are often doing time for someone else. It can be anything, walking someone’s dog, washing their car or any other task they will sponsor you to do. See here for more details – Doing Time.

Finally, and perhaps the simplest of all, is by showing your support for what we do by donating directly through the Paypal button provided or other methods as they become available.

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